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About Us

The Malapa Museum Experience is located at the heart of the UNESCO Cradle of Humankind World heritage site, just thirty minutes from Johannesburg. Situated within a 9000 hectare nature reserve and adjacent to the Cradle Boutique Hotel, the Malapa Museum Experience takes visitors on a journey into the past, exploring some of the most important discoveries that have made this region famous for helping us understand humankind’s deep African origins.
Visitors to the Malapa Museum Experience will explore the geological origins of the region and gain a deeper understanding of the three million year fossil bearing history of this wilderness situated at the heart of the World Heritage site. Visitors will also learn about such famous fossils as Australopithecus sediba. They will also view reconstructions of the ancestor of wild dogs, false sabre tooth cats, and giant hyena's that once roamed the dolomitic hills of the highveld and whose fossils have been found in the caves of the region.  With films, interactive displays, dioramas and reconstructions of the landscape and animals of the past, the Malapa Museum Experience is a not to be missed introduction to our deep human journey.

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