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The Experience


Travel back in time

 Visit some of the lesser known fossil sites of the region, touch actual fossil bearing rocks millions of years old, and view reconstructions of what life was like in the ancient past. Learn about the landscape and region while viewing the largest 3D map ever created of this region at the heart of the Cradle of Humankind!

The Skeleton Room

View famous fossil human relatives found at sites in the Cradle.  See how different scientists and artists interpret what our ancestors actually looked like while viewing the latest discoveries.

Theatre Experiences

Visually explore the geological origins of the region and the history of discoveries that have changed our understanding of human origins


The Science Behind Sediba

Australopithecus sediba has been named one of the most important fossil discoveries of the twentieth century.  Come explore the science behind this ancient human relative and learn how sediba fits into our family tree.

Science in Action

Experience seeing an actual fossil from the Cradle being prepared live in an in our working fossil preparation laboratory.  Maye you will be there for the next BIG discovery!

Fossils in Popular Culture

Did you know that sediba plays a part in Marvel’s X-Men?  Or that fossils from sites in the Cradle are part of the movie King Kong - Skull Island?  Learn more about these famous fossils roles in popular culture and how they have helped make this region famous across the world.

Exhibitions: Exhibitions
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